• #1 is Wikipedia.org

    #1 is Wikipedia.org

    Coming in #1 is Wikipedia.org. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. So, it’s much better than a regular Wikipedia, because it has much more information.

  • #2 is DuckDuckGo.com

    #2 is DuckDuckGo.com

    Coming in #2 is  DuckDuckGo.com. DuckDuckGo.com is a search engine that does zero tracking, no ad targeting, just searching. They don’t store your search history. Therefore they have nothing to sell to advertisers that track you across the internet.

  • #3 is PromoCoder.com

    #3 is PromoCoder.com

    Coming in #3 is PromoCoder.com . Promo codes are a made available for most online retail stores on this site. When you’re shopping at your favorite store, simply jump over PromoCoder.com and find a code and get a discount within minutes.

  • #4 is BurstWeb.com

    #4 is BurstWeb.com

    #4 is BurstWeb.com. BurstWeb.com allows anyone to get their business or blog online for super cheap. It’s where you go when you want to own a piece of the internet. Whether you want to make an awesome site like this one , or a custom email address with your own domain . BurstWeb.com is where […]

  • #5 is WebMD.com

    #5 is WebMD.com

    Coming in #5  WebMD.com.  WebMD blends expertise in medicine, journalism, health communication and content creation to bring you the best health information possible. The WebMD Medical Team works closely with a team of over 100 nationwide doctors and health experts across a broad range of specialty areas to ensure WebMD’s content is up to date, […]